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R&D platform for the optimized development of functional ingredients of plant origin

Our mission

  • Support strategic differentiation

    • Secure the supply of plants of interest

    • Optimize actives production

  • Accelerate the development and optimization phases of the phytochemical profile

  • Support the optimization & creation of value-added production sectors

OUR R&D expertise Serving industries

Our expertise

Agronomic expertise & mastery of pedoclimatic simulation ...


Development of optimized cultivation path for a production more: 

  • Productive

  • Localized

  • Mastered

according to the most suitable mode of production (fields, greenhouse, indoor)​ the service of your research and development projects.


Optimize the content of active ingredients:

  • Study of key crop management parameters

  • Stabilization of phytochemical profiles


Select the most productive variety:

  • Identification of genetic resources

  • Variety screening


Our location

A preserved environment

PREDIV has set up its R&D platform in the business park Health Nutrition Naturopôle, the first certified activity zone ISO14001 in Auvergne.

A technological platform

Deployed over more than 500 m² including 300 m² of UAA, the PREDIV platform is equipped with all the equipment needed to conduct crop trials in fully controlled conditions with:

  • 10 modular climate chambers

  • 1 laboratory for the preparation of experiments and post-harvest

Our services

R&D strategy

behavioral study

Varietal comparison

Cultural optimization

Our Network


Our partners

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PREDIV is approved Research Tax Credit for the period 2022-2024
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